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An exclusive interview with feminist Mona Eltahawy & #BoycottDeBalie - Episode #41

Dipsaus Podcast
Dipsaus Podcast
An all English episode with Mona Eltahawy and Flavia Dzodan! We contacted Mona asap after the fallout of her decision to withdraw from a public lecture at the Amsterdam cultural venue and debate centre De Balie on the 24th of April. Mona, an award-winning columnist, writer on Arab and Muslim issues and global feminism, was scheduled to give a talk on The Value of Female Rage which she cancelled due to a controversial discussion the centre hosted where the deportation of muslims form The Netherlands was discussed. Mona: “After consulting with Dutch friends whose opinions I trust, I believe that De Balie is not a venue I want to bring my views to.” You can read her full statement here.
We talk about the limitations of free speech, why boycotts matter, why we should never debate our humanity, the backlash on Social Media and a bunch of really hurt white men and the destruction of the patriarchy. Mona discusses the value of international networks and transnational solidarity amongst activists.
Mariam and Mona also delve into the complex and layered narrative regarding the veiling of muslim women, why this conversation that must be had and should be led only by muslim women and Mona’s opposition to the burka, hijab and the niqab: “I always complicate this idea of choice and agency”.
We also touch lightly on the the so called Immigrant Illuminati conspiracy Dutch pundits seem to think exists: we also have it on the record that Flavia was not responsible for Mona cancelling the lecture. You can stop clogging her DMs now.
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September 2019 in stores
September 2019 in stores
Show notes
Famous Feminist Boycots Dutch Debate Center After Discussion on Muslim Deportation
De Balie wordt al jaren geboycot—waarom is het nu opeens nieuws? - OneWorld
Towards a post Trump world: Mainstreaming Men’s Rights Activists
Trauma & Recovery: The Aftermath of Violence
The magnanimous middle ground and maintaining colonial order
The Seven Necessary Sins for Women and Girls by Mona Eltahawy
Dear African Abroad: Home is NOT Waiting For You – Tea-Wale
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Dipsaus Podcast
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