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Bonus - 🇬🇧 #DipsausOprahMeganHarry

Dipsaus Podcast
Dipsaus Podcast
Yes yes yes, sit back, relax, we’ve elected a Black woman and a Muslim woman of color into Dutch parliament so you are allowed to poor some hot tea and listen to our royal bonus episode ‘Whatever Happened to Miss Markle’ aka the #OprahMeganHarry Interview/Debacle. Yes we are having THAT conversation…
When the Dutches of Sussex said “death by a thousand paper cuts”, referring to the racist abuse she suffered at the hands of her royally white in-laws, and white family on her dad’s side, it struck a chord with our Anousha.
Time to unpack this specific form of toxic mix of misogynoir, cultural, casual, sexual, emotionally manipulative and systemic RACISM.
Will this nuclear bomb of interview with miss Black Capitalism herself Oprah Winfrey change anything on a larger societal scale for Black women or will the masters tool never dismantle the master’s house (built by colonialism) and is this just another day in the mess that is the Royal Family?
And…Tyler Perry did what???
For this extra long episode Anousha is joined by Nigerean-British (not by choice) literary specialist Sarah Ozo-Irabor, founder and host of Books & Rhymes and African American (also not by choice) writer and photographer Tanisha Everett, contributing editor for  Celebitchy.
Down With The Monarchy!!!

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Dipsaus Podcast
Meghan Fled to the House that Misgynoir Built
Moya Bailey Weighs in on Misogynoir’s Impact on Meghan Markle | Bitch Media
She's got Receipts
Gayle King Claims Meghan Markle Has ‘Receipts’ to Support Royal Racism Claims | EURweb
Speaking of Receipts
Yashar Ali 🐘
1. A few years ago, I did a lot of reporting on CBS and The Talk.

Here's what I know:

Three months after Holly sent this email, she learned about Sharon's role in her ouster at the show and sent another email holding her accountable.

This is an incomplete record of events.
Could They Really
How Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Could Actually Combat Colonialism’s Destructive Legacy
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Dipsaus giveaway! Click on pic for details! #DutchOnlySorry
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